Hi! My name is Cindy Garcia. At one point in life I hit rock bottom. The choices I was making at one point left me feeling with little fulfillment, lots of anxiety and a negative mindset.


I needed to make some changes in life. I needed to find my light again and find a healthy balance.


Personally, the home my husband and I had just purchased in a new city felt almost like a hotel stay. I was never home due to my workload.

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The unhealthy stress and anxiety I felt in my high level career suddenly started looking unappealing. Was this really what I wanted? I realized my health and well-being began to suffer.


One day all this changed for me when I DISCOVERED I need to personally PAVE my way into a confident, healthier and happier version of myself.

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And so I did! I began to GROW myself mentally, physically and emotionally. Through my journey, I learned to let go of the things I cannot control. And focus on the things I can control. My movement, meals and mindset is what I DID have control over. Im still on my wellness journey and continue to personally grow into a better stronger version of myself.

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