“The Life”

Ever think about how different your life IS compared to how you THOUGHT it was going to be🤔
For me, I thought working 60+ hours a week and having an important job title was “the life”
Once I got there, I became someone I didn’t want to be. Who I was professionally didn’t ALIGN with who I wanted to be in my personal life. Have you ever felt that way? My anxiety was out of control and everyday the LIGHT I once had was slowly dimming
Something had to CHANGE because I wasn’t happy or healthy and I knew there had to be more to life than this🧐
What I do now reminds me everyday that my greatest JOY comes from IMPACTING the lives of others in a POSITIVE & POWERFUL way😍
Knowing my calling brings PURPOSE & PASSION to everything I do🙌
Putting all my FAITH in God, to live in the PRESENT and EXPERIENCE every second knowing He is with me gives me SOO much to look forward to🙏
If you are at a place in life right now where things don’t quite align, take a moment to do you💕
Make time for the things you ENJOY!
Surround yourself around people you VIBE with!!
Start to CREATE a life that you absolutely LOVE!!!
If and when you do, you might see how much of a better wife, sister and friend you become!😘

Women Changing Charlotte



Women Changing Charlotte: Final Draught

Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurship takes courage! It also takes a different mindset.

In this video I share 3 tips on the mindset an entrepreneur needs to have to move their business forward.

Watch the video below and share with other like minded lady entrepreneurs!

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The Kind of Love That Lifts You UP!

Yesterday was one of those days… Have you ever felt like there were not enough hours in the day to get EVERYTHING done? Part of my daily exercise to get back on track is walking in the afternoons, but as the day comes to an end my energy tends to wind down with it!

I asked Mike to join me even though I KNEW he had already worked out. But he knew how important this was to me so he said “yes”!

Once he said “yes” I put on my shoes and we were UP! I even did more than I was expecting!

After my exercise I felt so good! And the company was priceless.

If your loved one asks you for something even though your box has a checkmark for the day, say “YES”! Im sure they will be grateful because they know you would do it for them <3

Even if you want to say “no” say “yes” I know it made a world of a difference for me last night!

Looking For That Girl

I am looking for someone VERY specific!!!
Can you help me find her?!?!
Here is a brief description:
– She wants to continue growing in her faith & relationship with God.
– She wishes to one day start a family.
– She wants to get back on track with her health and fitness and lose 10-20lbs with a community of ladies that are also on the same journey.
– She’s a corporate hustler but feels burnt out with the hours and missing time with family and friends
– She wants to do something that will give her flexibility and autonomy to pursue ALL her DREAMS!
-She LOVES the show Friends and even though its old its still her favorite!
– She likes to cook with her hubby, entertain friends and be surrounded by laughter and people.
– She’s OBSESSED with dreaming of a limitless future!
– She loves growing in personal development and leadership.
– She realized that what she “thought” was so important all these years has changed and now just wants to be full of life and healthy!
– She wants to inspire and encourage others to be positive 🙂
– She is READY to take CONTROL of her life and find her TRUE PASSION AND PURPOSE!
YES — THAT is who I am looking for!!! Do you know her?! Are YOU her?!?!?!
I am in the process of growing my coaching business and looking for 5 goal driven women who match the description above!
If you would like to be considered, please complete this application! (link in comments)

Uniqueness in YOU

When we put our problems in Gods hands, He puts His peace in our hearts 

These past few days I have been taking a moment to come and quiet my mind, open my heart and listen to the peace in my backyard. Its kinda why i fell in LOVE with this home in the first place! I remember the realtor telling us that we could customize the home however we wanted, but the backyard view was something that we may not find anywhere else.

Isnt that so true about who we are. We try so hard to customize ourselves to meet everyones needs but in the end God reminds us that when we live and strive to be our UNIQUE self, we realize you wont find that anywhere else.

Today i want to ENCOURAGE you to open your heart and find what makes you unique and share that with the world unapologetically. The world can use a beautiful, bright and unique soul like you  #happyfriday


You might be wondering “what is it about Cindy that motivates her to inspire and encourage others to live healthy and happy” i’ll tell you! read below!
a little over 1 year ago Mike and I moved to Charlotte, NC. It was a big leap of faith knowing that we wanted a better future for ourselves. We had struggles and everything that could have gone wrong did! The fact that I had a high paying corporate job, a Doctorate and what seemed like “the good life” from the outside, deep inside I was desperate for meaning!
The struggle was real and we endured life’s trials, but through it all, I was also able to find a PASSION that gives me PURPOSE every single day! #realife coaching ladies and encouraging them to live healthy and happy lives was the MISSING PIECE in my life. After I completed my own personal challenge, there was a CONFIDENCE in me that came out which I never knew about! Since then I have never looked back!
If you are someone who has a similar story and are searching for meaning, beachbody coaching might be for you too! If you are wanting to being an example for healthy living through your own health and wellness journey, I invite you to explore beachbody coaching! Also it doesn’t hurt that you make some extra income along the way for being a POSITIVE light to others! Who’s ready to make a change in the life? Message me or comment below 🙂


What keeps me going?! Well, giving up is NOT an option for me! Its that simple!

If there is ONE thing about me you will know very quickly, its that no matter what I NEVER give up! Ever! Sure, I may question myself, look ridiculous at times lol (like that has never happened to you!) but i can tell you that I am COMMITTED and CONSISTENT towards reaching my dreams!

I came from a home where my mom worked tirelessly to provide for our family. Im not saying that we were homeless poor, but we didn’t have much. Yet she gave us all the love she had. Through it all, she never gave up on us.

You may be climbing some stairs and are finding it a struggle to keep going. Today I encourage you to keep climbing, even if you don’t see the top of the stair case. The truth is we ALL have struggles but its the ones who NEVER GIVE UP who see success at the top of the staircase, and when they reach it, its so much more beautiful than what you could have imagined #nevergiveup#hustle

Escaping the cubicle and Embracing my confidence

Today I think about the MENTAL transformation I’ve had since I began to BELIEVE in myself wholeheartedly and take ACTION. In the past, I was quick to make excuses and slow to ENDURE the strength I needed to face any obstacles.

I wanted to believe I had the confidence to stand tall and make way for good things to come. But, a negative environment coupled with my negative thoughts was turning me into someone I didn’t want to be.

As I walk these streets, I face the building that made me the unhappiest woman id ever met. I came here the other day because I needed a reminder that my ACTIONS and how I REACT to my circumstances is what determines any OUTCOME!
My corporate America job was not everything I had dreamed and hoped for. After a grueling 10 months I escaped the cubicle and began to embrace my new life! A life of happiness, health and prosperity. Today I am reminding, you that you TOO have the power to change your circumstances.

Never let anyone decide your destiny. God is always in control and He wants nothing more but to prosper you and give you a future of hope, happiness and unconditional love.